Tips for Posture Alignment in Yoga

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Yoga Postures

Tips to Improve Your Yoga Pose Alignment
From Scarlett Sun Yoga Wear

Are you constantly wondering if your alignment in a yoga pose is correct? Are you even sure what your teacher means when she asks you to check your alignment?
Quite simply, aligning just means positioning the body in a way that allows you the full benefit of the pose without injuring yourself.
We found these 5 top tips have made such a difference to our practice we wanted to share them with you!

Have a go and see if you feel the difference in your practice.

1. Keep Your Shoulders Down And Away From Your Ears
Our shoulders hold so much tension in our every day life and we tend to hold a lot of stress there, so it’s all too easy in our practice to hold on to that tension and end up hunching our shoulders up. Try to look in the mirror and consciously lower your shoulders, you will be surprised to see how far they come down when you think about it. Lowering them will allow energy flow back into the body and also relieve some of the pain you may feel from the tension held there, not to mention improve your practice.

2. Lengthen Your Spine
Again, as a result of our everyday life, hunched over desks or slumped on the sofa looking at our phones, our backs spend a lot of time rounded forward. As a result of this, it’s very easy to fall into this habit during your yoga practice. Instead, think about keeping your back long and straight (unless you are doing a back bend of course!). Use the mirror to check in, it’s great to see the adjustment as you think about it.

3. Inhale When You Open, Exhale When You Close 
If you are anything like us, our breathing goes to pot quite frequently and sometimes we are inhaling when we’re supposed to be exhaling or we are just plain holding our breath! This is a really simple way to think more consciously about how and where your breath should be.
When you open or widen your chest in any posture, inhale and when you close your chest or torso, exhale.
We know that we should be aligning our breath as we move between postures and if you apply this tip it should help. This approach made such a quick improvement to our practice.

4. Keep Your Tailbone Tucked Under
We have always struggled keeping our core engaged and this made a real difference. As you tuck your tailbone under, you will instantly feel your core engage and tighten, this will also protect your lower back from any damage.

5. Ground Your Weight
Keep an equal distribution of weight in your feet for your standing postures, this will give you a strong foundation for the balance required.
Spread your toes and push your whole foot from toes to heel into the ground, if you are not perfectly aligned in your feet, your body weight will be off centre and it will prove very difficult to maintain a tall, balanced and grounded pose.

We hope you found these tips helpful, and hope to share more with you in the future.

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