What are the Top 5 Best Yoga Poses for New Starters!?

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If you are a beginner at yoga, there are certain postures that are essential for you to learn! Although there are over 300 positions in the physical yoga practice, here are 10 to get you started! Whether you wear funky yoga pants, printed yoga pants or patterned yoga pants, you can surely master these poses!


Mountain Pose

This pose is the base for all standing yoga poses. It includes standing with your feet together and all your toes pressed down as you spread them open. Use your quadriceps to lift your kneecaps and then lift up through the inner thighs. As you lift your chest up, you can draw your abdominals in and press the tops of the shoulders down. Keep your palms facing inwards towards the body and feel your shoulder blades coming towards each other, then open your chest. Breathe deeply in to the torso and hold for 5-8 breaths. You have now mastered the Mountain yoga Pose!


Downward Facing Dog

The Downward Facing Dog stretches and strengthens the entire body. To conquer this yoga pose you will need to be on all fours. Have your wrists under your shoulders and knees under your hips. With your toes tucked under, lift your hips up off the floor until they are drawn back towards your heels. If your hamstrings are tight, keep your knees slightly bent. If not, then straighten your legs out whilst keeping your hips back. Press firmly on your palms to rotate the inner elbows. Hold for 5-8 breaths before dropping back down to rest.



Help strengthen your abdominals with this yoga pose as it helps you learn to use the breath to stay in a challenging pose. The plank teaches balance through our hands and using our body to support us. Starting on all fours, you will need to lift your legs up off the mat and slide your heels back until you are straight. Draw down your shoulders and pull your ribs together, then breathe deeply for 8-10 breaths.



Stretch out the sides of the waist; open up the lungs; strengthen the legs and tone the entire body with the Triangle posture. Begin with your legs spread apart and your arms stretched to the sides at shoulder height. Your right foot should be turned out 90 degrees and the other pointing forward. After this, you can engage your quadriceps and abdominals as you lean to the side of your right leg, placing your right hand on your ankle and the other up to the ceiling. Gaze at your left hand and hold for 5-8 breaths, then repeat on the other side.



Gain focus and clarity through keeping your body balanced on one foot. To begin this, place your right foot on your inner left upper thigh and press your hands together in prayer. To help balance yourself, focus on one spot in front of you and hold the gaze. Hold and breathe for 8-10 breaths then switch over on to the other side. Keep your body straight, your abdominals engaged and your shoulders relaxed.


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